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Why Should you Hire a WordPress Developer to Build Website?

WordPress is used by many prominent Fortune 500 Companies to be their website’s base foundation, including Microsoft, Play station and Sony Xerox. The popular opinion is that WordPress is very easy to use and lets companies build a professional-looking web presence at low cost.

It’s possible to self-build with WordPress, but it’s not recommended that you do so (unless you have a large amount of programming and SEO experience).


Here are some top reasons why you should hire a professional development company/team instead:

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Professional look and feel

Unless you are in the web development industry, you probably don’t know about the latest web design trends and best practices. A professional team should be able to build you a website that incorporates the latest features and the most popular design features. You will get a world-class website that is easy to navigate and provides an excellent UX, with their help.


SEO optimization

Just like design, to optimise your web pages for search engines correctly, you need expert knowledge. A WP developer will be able to make dozens - if not hundreds - of little tweaks to your pages to make them rank high in search engine ranking pages (SERPs).


Total customization

Without coding knowledge, you will only be able to use a limited number of premade themes. You won’t even be able to make too many changes to them, giving you a website that is just like a thousand others. A WordPress developer will be able to customize every single inch of your web pages, giving you a unique presence.


Help with marketing

A website is only going to be successful if it is marketed correctly. A WP developer will also be able to provide you with post-deployment services like marketing through social media, emails, and mobile phones.


Updating and support

You are going to need to update your web pages every few months – both to keep them fresh and to keep up with the latest search engine best practices. A WP developer can update and support you long-term.


It’s recommended that you hire WordPress developers who have built successful websites in the past, though - always see a portfolio first, before committing to them.

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