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Why Laravel Is One Of The Best PHP Frameworks

With the growing need for websites, development platforms have to evolve! PHP has long since been one of the best website development bases. With its flexibility and efficient nature, it is no doubt that developers choose to specialize on this platform! Another terrific gift PHP has provided, is the Laravel framework. With its provision for plug-ins, extensions and housing an efficient architecture, Laravel is proving to become one of the best tools for web development!

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Here’s why Laravel is an optimal framework:

1) Efficient Authentication: When it comes to websites, authenticating users is immensely crucial. Several sites get hacked by anonymous entries. Laravel eliminates this shortcoming by providing superior security features. It makes authenticating users a seamless and effortless process. Additionally, it provides simple authorization and resource control facilities.


2) Easy Third-Party Integrations: Users need variety, irrespective of the field. Websites with bee-lined provisions fail to cater this to users. Integrating third-party apps is one of the best ways to ensure any and all user dependencies are satisfied. Laravel makes it immensely easy to integrate third-party applications through a composer dependency manager.

3) Pre-installed Libraries: Having to fetch data from outside sources multiple times can be arduous. With Laravel, this problem ceases. It is the only framework to have pre-installed libraries by default. This feature is amply useful; with the provision of authentication, security, database, and other such libraries, your website will be sufficiently loaded!


4) Flexible and Dynamic: Hybrid apps are the real deal today, for developers and consumers. Laravel proves to be a terrific platform by enabling developers to make applications big and small. Additionally, it provides an API with hybrid construction support, allowing developers to make applications effortlessly!

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