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What makes Responsive Web Design crucial to SEO?

Ever since its trail-blazing entry in 2012, the buzz surrounding responsive web design (RWD) has never died down. Today, it is no longer a norm but has rather become a mandatory part of the web development process. Gone are the days when multiple versions of a website had to be created for multiple platforms. With the advent of RWD, one version fits it all, as the site is designed to adapt itself to the device it’s being viewed on, be it a laptop, tablet or a smartphone.

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In addition to revolutionizing web development, it has also started to gain prominence as an important ranking factor in the SERPs. So, if your site isn’t responsive, here are a few SEO benefits, that will prompt you into embracing RWD:

#1 Google recommends it

The number one reason why you should go responsive is that Google absolutely loves it. Since you’re trying to garner attention from the search engine giant, responsiveness will get you noticed.


#2 One URL Vs multiple URLs

Unlike building separate mobile versions, RWD uses one URL, thus making crawling and indexing content easier for Google. Also, this means that all your SEO efforts are focused on one domain, which reflects in your rankings.


#3 Reduces your bounce rates

The higher your bounce rates, the higher the chances for it to have a negative SEO effect. With a significant chunk of your target audience accessing your website through mobile devices, mobile friendliness is key to cutting down the bounce rates - and that’s where RWD scores.


#4 Enhanced UX, better ranking

User experience is an important ranking factor, because it makes the site content easy to view, and share. Responsive web design appeals to users who’re more likely to access your website both on the desktop and on small-screened devices, offering a smooth experience across every platform.


#5 Faster load times

Page speed is a key factor that boosts search engine visibility. With RWD, there’s no redirection to a specific URL that minimizes the time required to load and makes a responsive website faster on mobile devices compared to a mobile site.


With that said, the overall message is clear: responsive web design is indeed a positive ranking factor. If you need professional assistance, reach out to Openwave. Being an established web development agency in Singapore, we will help you climb the ranks by incorporating your existing website with responsive elements or can build a responsive website from scratch.

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