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Web Development: Should I Hire in-house or Contract to a Development Firm?

When building a Web Application, the two primary avenues for companies, are to hire in-house programmers or to export the project to professional development companies. While both options come with their own set of risks, benefits, we’re going to be examining them in detail in this article to see where your best chances of success lie.

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Advantages of hiring a staffer

There’s no vendor involved

When going for a development firm, you need to identify a firm that appropriately fits your needs, from their area of expertise to their experience as well as costs. This is a time-consuming process that may end up returning a yield that you may not find what you imagined, as outsourcing to another firm always carries an element of unpredictability as compared to developing in-house.


Creative control

Bringing an in-house developer will guarantee greater control and creative freedom over the project. It allows you to have absolute control over the intricacies of the programming process.


Learning experience

Hiring a staffer enables you to cover your deficiency in knowledge by learning from the new team member. Sharing knowledge within your team would help you with similar projects in the future.


Lesser long term cost

Having a dependency on foreign software firms over a longer period can invite higher expenses when compared to having an in-house staffer.


Advantages of development firms

Reduced deployment time

Hiring a full-time staffer could save costs, but lead to greater loss of time. Hiring a professional development corporation, on the other hand, is sure to give you faster deployment of your app.


Professional experience

Hiring the right development company can endow a specialized set of skills for your project, as well as expertise that you would have trouble finding in an in-house team.


Stronger grasp on latest trends

Web development companies in Singapore are at the front of the pack when it comes to adapting to newer technologies, and the shifting trends in the market. This benefits your project, with the transfer of these ideas, to your application.


It takes a certain set of needs for each alternative, and while some firms might be better suited for in-house development, others might have better chances hiring professional companies. If you’re embarking on the latter, then Openwave has just the skill set you need. Our team is built on twenty years of experience and has a strong grasp on the market, armed for delivering quality websites for clients, small and large.

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