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Top Secret Ways to Boost Incoming Traffic and Maximizing Revenue Generation

It’s no big secret that traditional marketing strategies don’t work online. Not only are modern online too wily to fall for them, but they also usually don’t have the patience to read lengthy ad copy or watch an ad that is longer than ten seconds. Marketers are now challenged to come up with innovative ways to capture user’s attention, including creating content that is truly useful to visitors.

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Here is a collection of 5 secret ways that can boost incoming traffic and maximize revenue generation for your online site or store:

Use naturally-aligning CTA buttons

When people visit a web page, their eyes scan it in an F pattern. They notice the top-left corner of the page first and then slide their eyes across to the right corner. By putting CTA buttons at the top at the end of the F pattern, users are more likely to notice and click them.


Include subtle, supportive pop-ups

Pop-ups that occupy the entire page and force users to close them detract from the user experience. If you are using pop-ups, make sure they are subtle and support the content on your side. Sliding pop-ups - at the bottom or sides - are recommended.


Clickable anchor text on blogs

Using useful and clickable anchor texts as replacements or additions to banner ads at the end of blog posts is a good way to catch the attention of someone who is merely scanning the post. It gives them an incentive to read the post and click on the anchor text.


Support your products with new content

Any products you are going to launch should be supported by new content, like a launch post and blog posts. A launch post should be anywhere from 150 to 300 words, while blog posts can be much smaller than that.


Social media is a low-cost lead generation tool

Social media isn’t about more than brand awareness - it is an effective lead generation tool if utilized right. It also doesn’t cost you a lot of money. You can publish content to Facebook and Instagram to generate more leads.


The kind of experience users have on your website or store will also significantly impact your conversion rates. By integrating modern design elements into your site, you will make it more attractive to visitors. You can hire external web designers in Singapore to do that for you at affordable prices.

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