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Native or Cross-Platform using Xamarin to build Your Mobile App?

When you’re planning to develop a mobile app, you have two broad choices to make: design an app that runs exclusively on a single OS like Android or iOS, or you can create a cross-platform app that can run across multiple platforms.

As a rule of thumb, native apps tend to be more powerful and efficient, but you have to create multiple apps for multiple different platforms, which costs a lot of time and money. On the other hand, cross-platform apps built with Xamarin - which is a very popular development environment - are capable enough and don’t cost too much.

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Major differences between Native and Xamarin Development:

Coding time

When you build native, you have to write separate code for every single platform, which can double or even triple coding time. By using Xamarin, you will reduce coding time significantly.



Software built with a single OS in mind - like Android - will operate much more smoothly and more efficiently - and occupy less space - than software developed for multiple platforms. Excessive coding will reduce application performance.



Updating multiple native applications is much harder than upgrading a single cross-platform application. You will save a lot of time in the long run with cross-platform development.


Languages used

The developers you hire to work on your app will require extensive knowledge of multiple languages like Objective-C, Java, and Swift to build native. Xamarin, on the other hand, requires developers to be familiar only with C#.


Development costs

Multiple native apps are much costlier to develop than cross-platform ones. However, if you target a single platform like iOS, you will save on costs and get a useful product.


Which One Should You Pick?

If you have a big enough budget, you can’t go wrong with native development - but it may be like throwing money away that you could use elsewhere. The kind of app development you should choose will depend on your individual requirements. Consult with an experienced Mobile App development team in Singapore to come up with the best unique solution for your particular need. 

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