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How to Create an extraordinary Customer Journey with your Website?

The customer journey starts off when they visit your online store or website and ends when they leave it. The experience they have while they are visiting determines whether the journey was a success or failure. In this day and age - where cutthroat competition online for customers is standard - mapping out your clients’ journey to ensure they have the best possible experience can lead to excellent returns for your business.

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Do your Research

Is your existing website helpful for customers? Do they like it? Google Analytics can’t tell you that. Do your research and gather feedback from customers through social media, emails, and direct surveys and identify problem areas.


Plan by Personas

Create personas that stand in for regular visiting clients, depending on their gender, age, industry, and requirement. By creating personas, you can target each group differently. You will also be able to be specific while selling and building your site for each of these.


Create suitable content

With many websites, there is more focus on creating SEO friendly content and less customer friendly content. Your content has to focus on identifying and solving customer challenges. It must also tell them about your company and why you are the best fit for them.


Provide a roadmap

People are going to want entirely different things from your website. With the help of the persona planning, you will be able to cater to specific groups with portions of your site. By laying out a roadmap for visitors for each persona, they know what you can do for them and how.


It’s not just your website

The customer journey isn’t just about your site - it’s about everything to do with your brand. Social media, chats, emails, and apps must all focus on making life easier for customers and making the journey fun and effortless.


Keep improving

Finally, it’s going to take a lot of iterative and A/B testing to get your site anywhere near as good as it could be. It’s important not to give up early on and continue to get better.


To improve your chances of building something worthwhile, hire web designers in Singapore that are familiar with the customer journey and can help you make an outstanding site by utilizing their experience.

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