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Concise Guide to Building your First Startup Website

It is no longer expensive to build and maintain a website for even small-scale businesses. In fact, customers now almost expect you to have one so that they get access to your products or services at their convenience. Building a website isn’t hard - you can use one of the freely-available CMSs and other website building tools to get started. You can create dynamic websites even without programming experience - here’s how:

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Choose a niche and stick to it

Your site must be able to communicate to your users what business you’re in as soon as arrive on the landing page. Your site must, therefore, be designed with a particular purpose in mind, with clear CTAs in place.


Think of a relevant Domain Name

Your domain name must be catchy and easy-to-remember if you want it to stick in people’s mind. Find a name that both describes your business and showcases it in a positive light.


Find a reliable Web host

Your web host is the server that will handle incoming traffic and process incoming information for you. Choosing a server that is up 24/7 and provides cloud support is necessary - splurge here if needed.


Design content-rich pages

The content on your web pages - and how simply and attractively your information is laid out - will determine the user experience on your website. You must share something of value with visitors.


Make it Search Engine Friendly

You can make your site search engine friendly by keeping it well-organized – with the help of a CMS - and using the right keywords in your meta data and content. You can also use free analytics tools to improve user experience on your website for higher rankings.


Link to a Payment portal

You can sell products and services on your site as well as boost visitor confidence in it by connecting a popular payment portal to it, like PayPal - a public service used around the world.


Of course, any website you build won’t be up to professional standards for a while if you don’t have programming experience. You can improve your chances of impressing customers by getting professional developers in Singapore to build a site with advanced features.

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