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Build a Stunning Business Website following these Simple Steps

Everybody needs a website these days; it doesn’t matter if you are an independent entrepreneur or a service provider. A lot of potential customers will find their way to you through your web site. As such, your site is a calling card of sorts. It’s also the first impression you will make on your customers. It’s important that you make a good impression by building a good-looking and effective site, to boost your popularity as well as potential sales.

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Here are some brief guidelines you can follow that will help you build your first small business:

Define the purpose

You should have a clear vision on what you’re planning to do with your web site. Do you want to use it to sell products and services? Or are you planning on making a website that is just an information repository for potential clients? Knowing what your are going to be about will give you a good idea about the kind of features it has to have going forward, like a blog or a shopping cart functionality.


Delineate the perfect CMS

Next, depending on your site, you need to choose content management software (CMS) to handle the content on your website. You can choose to pay for software or use one of the freely available open-source alternatives on the internet. The most popular ones include WordPress and Joomla!


Pick a web host

Are you anticipating a lot of traffic for your web site? Do you need it to be up 24/7 without fail? It’s important to choose a web hosting service that is value for money.


Design with templates and plugins

Designing your website is a critical step. Some CMS solutions like WordPress or Magento give you access to thousands of free templates, while others will make design your templates and plugins yourself. Make your website as attractive and functional as possible here.


Add content and maintain

The final step to the whole process is adding content to your website. You need to add engaging, relevant and helpful content on a regular basis to keep visitors engaged.


Does the process sound too complicated for you? You can hire an experienced web developer to build and handle for you instead.

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