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7 Magento Trends that will be Prominent in 2018

With 2017 drawing to a close, it can be safely declared that it was yet another eventful year for the domain of eCommerce as an increasing number of retailers have taken the online sales route. At the forefront of this boost in its adoption is Magento, which with its highly effective and scalable platform has come to define eCommerce trends the world over.

Magento Development in Singapore
Magento Development in Singapore

With 2018 fast approaching, it is time to sit back and understand the new Magento trends that are expected to take center stage in the New Year:

  • Personalization: Consumers across the globe are getting used to personalized services thanks to mobile apps. A similar mode of service which captures user information and offers personalized suggestions will gain acceptance.
  • M-Commerce: More shoppers today make their purchases through the smartphone than through desktop-based browsers. This era of the mCommerce is expected to be the new frontier in eCommerce and shopping apps are expected to be the prime movers.
  • Smart Searches: As the diversity of products that are available online increases, shopping carts are expected to incorporate newer features that pave way for better search features. By analyzing consumer preference, products relevant to their choice can be returned in results.
  • Big Data and Analytics: With the rise in the volume of data generated, businesses are increasingly reliant on Big Data and Analytics to create actionable insights from the trove of user-generated content. This also includes sales reports and consumer feedback which are analyzed to predict future growth.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence is finding its footing as an effective replacement for customer support teams. AI, as it is, will become intuitive and serve consumers with better suggestions and solve their grievances in an effective manner.
  • Social Media Integration: Social Media sites like Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook will soon drive sales as they become the primary mode of discovery for most products. Integrating Social Media profiles with eCommerce will help businesses understand their customers better.
  • Enhanced Security: As eCommerce takes off, so does the demand for security. With newer and tighter legislation on online payment security, businesses will be mandated to add additional layers of security to the transactions and keep them secure and tamper-proof.

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