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6 PHP Code-Writing Platforms that are Making Headlines this Year

PHP is one of the more popular programming templates, and a variety of frameworks in this language help developers build successful web applications. Platforms targeting PHP users come in different formats, and with different specifications, adapting to the different styles of programmers. Below are some of the more prominent platforms along with their salient features.

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It is a significantly new project, which has caught up on popularity. Its design expertise is underscored with its ease-of-starting and speed. It hosts impressive features that work to boost security, code-sharing and other aspects of the programming process. A disadvantage with this framework is that it offers fewer modules than some competitors in the field.



The Aura program features a range of independent libraries that come handy in any code format. The library packages are self-sufficient and can be incorporated into a project without the need for any dependencies. The project scores in the flexibility these libraries offer, along with the high-standards of the writing compilation.


Fuel PHP

This platform is based on the Model-View-Controller framework. It is designed specifically for the HMVC model and stands out with its stringent security, independent framework and a multitude of packages that adapt to suit most developer’s skills and necessities.



This framework is especially useful for developers with a lack of experience and those at the beginner’s stage. Building web applications are made easier with this model, which houses support systems for the code-writing process among many other benefits. With a diversity of packages offered, this platform adds flexibility and ease to the entire software building project.



Like Fuel PHP, Phalcon is also grounded in the MVC framework and is acknowledged for its tremendous speed of working. It features its own variation of the SQL language, known as PHQL. Other features to highlight include form-builders, an Object Documentation Mapping facility as well as a support structure when dealing with foreign languages.



Anchored in the MVC infrastructure, Laravel is one of the more popular platforms in PHP, and also one of the most widely used ones. A stand-out feature of this framework is a unique organizational facility, also known as ‘Queue management’. The system helps the user cope with multiple tasks at once, managing various tasks in the background while the user works up-front.


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