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6 Features of Drupal that Aid in Developing Powerful CMS Applications!

All over the globe, if there’s one CMS solution that has cemented its position as the go-to platform, then it has to be Drupal. With its flexible development platform that helps power some of the most powerful websites, Drupal clearly is the best platform.

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The highly loaded platform boasts of some great advantages such as:

Open Source Software: As it is an Open source platform, it is free to work on and does not require any licensing fees. This makes it highly accessible for small-scale businesses that may be bootstrapped and cannot afford to pay expensive license fees. This also means that most of its plugins are free!


Rapid Deployment: Most of its themes and extensions can be sourced from 3rd party developers or from the internet and can be integrated effortlessly into the CMS website. This helps in expediting the development process and makes deployment easy.

Enterprise-Grade: It is a highly scalable and reliable platform that boasts of interoperability and security among other things. This makes it highly suitable for developing enterprise grade applications which can cater to the requirements of large businesses. It is also compatible with SAP and other SaaS tools.


Extensive API Support: Custom modules for prominent web services such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google apps can be obtained using API offered by these websites. They can be readily integrated with the Drupal platform.

SEO-Friendly: Drupal offers several key tools that help optimize the SEO efforts for the web pages and boost the visibility of a website in the search engine ranks.


Mobile-Ready: Drupal allows the development of responsive websites that work seamlessly across devices. This is a great advantage considering the fact that more number of internet users today come online via smartphones.

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