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5 Ways to Build a Trust-worthy E-commerce Website for Your Customers

What is your criterion for figuring out if an online store or website is safe? How do you know if a product on display is genuine and that it’ll be in the same condition when you receive it? How do you ensure your credit card details will not be leaked or your personal information is not vulnerable to attackers? These are the same questions that do the rounds of a customer’s mind when she/he visits a new e-commerce website.

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So, how do you make your customers feel safe on your business website? Here are a few ways to ensure a secure eCommerce solution:

1.) Acquire Tokens of Security

Display standard tokens like ISO, PCI, etc. on your website that guarantees quality and security of your products and shows that you have passed the requisite security tests. Most users first check for these icons on a merchant website before they proceed to make transactions and purchases. The more the tokens, the more is the trust you gain.


2.) Furnish Detailed Information

As a merchant, you should exercise transparency with your clients. Furnish every inch of relevant information in detail, especially the ‘About’ and ‘Contact’ sections. Detail does not mean you should beat around the bush. Get straight to the point in simple language. Let your customer know whom they can contact if anything goes wrong.


3.) Maintain a Returns Policy

It is in your and your customer’s best interest to have a returns policy well-laid out and published in digital space. Make your users aware of it before they proceed to purchase because neither would want to entertain discrepancies at a later stage. This is especially important to encourage new visitors to make purchases.


4.) Quality Photos and Descriptions

Keep your product descriptions accurate and SEO-friendly. Don’t use misleading or poor-quality images. A set of artistically photographed images is a game-changer. You can also ask your users to upload their images, which will enhance credibility.


5.) Ratings and Reviews Section

Almost 80 percent of the billions of e-commerce websites online have a review section where users can post comments and reviews and rate the product. Most customers, especially new ones, have a tendency to go through these comments in detail.


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