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5 Subtle Yet Crucial Elements of Mobile App Designs

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When it comes to app development, design and the UX are two crucial elements that need to be paid utmost attention. Most mobile app developers set about to design their applications with simplicity in their mind, but their simplicity may not always bear the right results. For businesses looking to improve their app usage statistics, a few important criterion need to be borne in mind and these usually involve subtle design elements that can have a profound impact on the ease of usage.


Integration of the following elements is crucial for improving app usage:

1. Factor in Behavioral psychology: Mobile app developers should always pay attention to the app handling characteristics of users and try to incorporate elements that make them appealing from a psychological perspective. This helps build customer habit.


2. Integrate In-App gestures: Gestures such as pins and swipes are some intuitive ways in which users interact with their Smartphone screens. Assigning functionality to these gestures as a part of app usage can give users more options for interacting with an application and therefore help improve user comfort.

3. Focus on Ease of usage: “It is all about the UX, silly!” This can be the best formula to design viral apps. The mobile UX design and development strategy should be focused towards making the app intuitive in usage as it helps the application integrate effortlessly into the lifestyle of the customer.


4. Pamper users with modesty: Brand logos and designs should be appealing and ensure that they are easy on the eyes of the customer. At every stage of the usage, the app should convey a tonality that is modest and makes the customer feel welcomed. This is the best way of retaining the loyalty of the customer.

5. Promote Login screen: Social media logins are a great way of capturing customer preferences for targeting and re-targeting. Hence, app designs should have a login screen that convinces the customer to login into their social media accounts and access the application through this account.


Incorporating all these design elements can be quite a challenge without proper guidance from experts. To avail such expert guidance, consult with Openwave’s Mobile UX design and development team. They are based out of Singapore and have dealt with several reputed names in the industry.

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