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5 eCommerce Strategies that are Designed to Boost Visibility and Sales

A few years ago, customer acquisition for eCommerce stores was easy, owing to the lack of competition. Today, the tables have turned, and hundreds and thousands of retailers are turning towards the online space to grow their business ventures. The fight for visibility is still on, and only a few manage to make the cut and seize a substantial market share. If you want to be one among the e-retailers who taste success with their eCommerce websites, then you need to know how to improve your brand’s visibility and generate sales.

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Here’s our pick of the top five strategies that can drive more customers to your brand and enhance your online presence:

1) Set up a Site on a Secure Platform

Don’t build a store for the sake of building it. You need to hire eCommerce developers to build a website on a secure platform. With online users growing increasingly wary of cyber crimes, a site that looks suspicious, or doesn’t have secure checkout options is likely to be abandoned.


2) Make it mobile

A large part of your shopper base is going mobile, so your online store should too. Rope in developers offering eCommerce website design in Singapore to make your store mobile responsive. You can also hire app developers to build an m-commerce app if an optimized website alone doesn’t do the trick.


3) Leverage on ‘Word of mouth’ marketing

If someone likes your store, that someone is likely to recommend it to others. If those others like your site, then they’ll recommend it to people they know. It’s an endless chain and is one of the biggest ways to drive traffic. Add reviews options and in the initial phases, organize giveaway and freebie contests to market your brand.


4) Say Yes to SEO

You can try all the tricks in the book and still not find yourself achieving your business objectives if you don’t chip in for SEO. Once you’ve built the eCommerce website, it’s vital to optimize the site for search engines. A good ranking in the SERPs will drive a steady stream of traffic to your website.


5) Post 3 Times a Day on Social Networks

You might have heard of the adage: out of sight, out of mind. It’s true and is applicable to your social presence. Be constantly in sight of your social audience, be it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Ensure that you post at least 3 times a day and run a rigorous social promotion campaign to improve visibility.


Success in the eCommerce realm always starts with your eCommerce website. Get eCommerce solutions in Singapore by hiring developers from Openwave, and complement your business with a search engine optimized, feature-rich, professional and custom online store.

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