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4 Stellar Ways to Get a Healthy Conversion Rate for your E-commerce Website

With CMS providers like Magento, Drupal, and Shopify, setting up an online store has become a piece of cake. However, till excellence is at its peak, your website will never be noticed! Online beasts like Alibaba, Amazon, and Walmart have set a high bar. However, it is always possible to drive customers to your online store without breaking a sweat. The presence of this competition has today made eCommerce web design and development highly sought after.

Here are 4 amazing steps to increase conversions on your online store:

Keep the Website Sleek and Informative:

The first impression is always going to be created by your e-commerce site. Irrespective of the products you sell and the discounts you provide, customers will always be attracted by the look and feel of your site. This is why you need to hire an excellent eCommerce website developer to design a stellar website.


Descriptions, Photos and Videos:

When a customer wants to buy a product, he/she needs to know all the specifications. Additionally, providing videos and photos gives customers the feel of an actual shop and also lets them get a clearer idea about the product. All in all, this boosts the reputation of your store.

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Top-notch Customer Service:

Customer service plays an important role in every business, be it physical or online. No matter how excellent the products you sell are, at some point of time the customer will want to have a chat with you regarding something. The response time, quality of response and implementing customer feedback is what will make all the difference in your online store.


Email Marketing and Personalization:

Every customer loves being treated special. The trick to this is very simple, send them customized emails and promotional offers! With this done, the conversion rate for your ecommerce website will go up two or three times easily.


Ecommerce is trending and almost every business is going online today. However promising the internet is, being the best out of millions is still a challenge. At Openwave, we offer the best ecommerce solutions! With years of experience and a skilled team of developers, we are the top ecommerce development company in Singapore.

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